Rahmat Shah Sayel
The poet, Rahmat Shah Sayel, is also a political activist campaigning through his poetry for the rights of his fellow Pashtoons. Pashtoons (Pakhtoons/Pakhtuns), also known as Afghans, Pathans, are the largest ethnic group in Afghanistan and the second biggest in Pakistan.

He was born in the Dargai village of Wartier in Malakand Agency, Pakistan. At the age of five, Sail was admitted to a local primary school; however, he was compelled to leave school after the third grade to assist his parents earn a living. He was very interested in reading magazines and newspapers, and after a hard day of labour, he composed poetry to lessen his fatigue.

He spent most of his life working as a tailor in Dargari Bazar. He also works as chief editor of Pashtun Magazine published by Baacha Khan Markaz.

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