BRT Jirga in Peshawar – Sardar Hussain Babak Speech

A collective Jirga was formed in #Peshawar against #BRTProject demanding its early completion and reconstruction of the roads. #SardarHussainBabak speaks on the ocassion representing ANP. He said that Provincial Assembly wasn’t taken into confidance before initiating this project. Even the district Government and the people of Peshawar didn’t want this. Please follow and like us:


Sardar Hussain Babak about Tahir Dawar

اسلام آباد جیسے شہر سے ایک بہادر پولیس آفیسر طاہرداوڑ کو اغوا کیا جاتا ہے لیکن حکومت کو کچھ معلوم نہیں۔ آج تک حکومت یہ بتانے میں ناکام رہی کہ طاہرداوڑ کو کس طرح افغانستان لے جایا گیا؟ #BachaKhanWeek2019 Please follow and like us:


Sardar Hussain Babak about Bacha Khan

باچا خان ملنګ نۀ وۀ،ډېر لوے جاګيردار وۀ،د ډېر لوے جاګيردار زوے وۀ،خو هغه جاګيردار چې د پښتنو لپاره ملنګ شۀ نو د ټولې دنيا لپاره باچا شۀ،چا چې هم د باچا خان او د هغه په ملګرو زور کړے وۀ نن هغه قوتونه نشته خو باچا خان،د هغه ملګري او د هغه کاروان نن […]

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Sardar Hussain Babak on dissolution of KP Ehtisab Commission

#ANP Provincial General Secretary and Parliamentary leader in KP Assembly #SardarHussainBabak has criticized the dissolution of #EhtisabCommission and has said that they opposed establishing a parallel institution for accountability in #PTI‘s previous Govt. Now they have demolished their own institution after spending 1 billion Taxpayer’s money. Please follow and like us: