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Aimal Wali Khan Speech – NYO Provincial Council

Provincial President ANP #AimalWaliKhan Speech at #NYO Provincial Council meeting at Bacha Khan Markaz ANP Khyber Pakhtunkhwa chapter’s president Aimal Wali Khan has ruled out any compromise on the party #discipline , saying strong organisational structure require stern decisions. Addressing a meeting of the provincial working committee here at Bacha Khan Markaz on Monday, he said ANP is a party of political workers and no one is above the organisational set up. He said the biggest sin of ANP is to stand for the rights of Pakhtuns, adding that different kind of allegations were made against them, but none of the party office-bearer, MNA, MPA or its minister has arrested on the charges of corruption that is the ample proof of the argument that such allegations were made against them for raising the rights of Pakhtuns. The provincial president said Ehtesab Commission in last PTI government was constituted to grip the ANP leadership, but getting nothing it was closed down as it miserably failed in framing corruption case against any ANP worker. Meanwhile, the provincial secretary general ANP, Sardar Hussain Babak said criticism on leadership is the right of the party workers, but it should be on proper forum and not through social media. He said a large number of party workers are criticizing the party on social media that is not a good way. He said ANP is a democratic political party and its workers have right to either support or oppose its decisions. He said those are not party, who instead of proper forum use social media for criticism. He said all so-called nationalist had never voted for ANP in their life.

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