Sardar Hussain Babak message on #Justice4SartajKhan protest – 2019-07-01 15:06:25


10 responses to “Sardar Hussain Babak message on #Justice4SartajKhan protest – 2019-07-01 15:06:25”

  1. Ap Log English Ya Urdu May Dunya Ko Bataein, Ap Apnay Ap Ko Mihdud Na Karein, Ap Poree Dunya Ko Bataow Takay Pata Chalay Kay Panjabe Corrupt Fuj Kay ISI Kay Generals Pakistan May Kya Zulm or Na Insafee Kar Rahei Hein.

  2. Ya jo dehshat gardy hai iska pichy napak Panjabi faciaset haramy army hai no matter what ever the poshton do they still be considered ghadar by the napak panjubi establishment. Educated poshton need to have one look at the state policies of Pakistan who represented the poshton nation to the international community in the image of the terrorist Taliban and 7 century barbarian and they was very successful in doing this for which they have received billions of dollars from the international community for war on terror actually it was war and on unarmed civilian of fata and wizerstan and sawat and Orag Zai by the napak panjubi haramy army and their bastard children the Taliban whom Pakistani army created and sponsor and funded. Bacha Khan and Manzoor Pokhton showed the real face of poshton for being non voilence movement of the poshton nation but panjubi trying to paint them like ghadar and Indian and afghanitan agent. We poshton consider afghanitan a big home of poshton no matter where we are and the panjubi napak faciaset need to understand that they can't divide one nation they have open border with India even during war time but the shut the duran line between one nation so they can destroy them economicly.

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