Wali Khan – The man of Principles – Documentary – 2019-02-16 15:16:03


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  1. The panjubi always said that he was ghadar wattan. What happened is the panjubi trying to support ANP right now because the napak panjubi is sinking. The present ANP is serving the agenda of the napak panjubi haramy state and army on the poshton land. We poshton knows that the napak panjubi haramy army who brought war and terrorisem and foriegn terrorist to the poshton land in the name of Islam and jihad. Sindhi made their official lenguige Sindhi but Walli Khan was a ghadar of the poshton Qom and lenguige he choosed Urdu over poshto. Panjubi is the problem but ANP are not saying anything about the crimes of the napak panjubi haramy murtad state and army against poshton and boloch.

  2. اج بھی خان عبد الولی خان کے کارکن کو حقارت کےنظر سے اس ملک میں دیکھا جاتا هے جس ملک کو انگریزوں کو بھاگنے پر فخرے باچا خان نے مجبور کر کے اس اذادی سے انگریزوں کی غلام همارےلیے بہتر تھی کیوں کے لاء پتہ و قتل تو نہیں هوتے

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