Hamid Mir speech on Moderation and Extremism – at Bacha Khan Markaz – 2022-01-24 22:51:49


21 responses to “Hamid Mir speech on Moderation and Extremism – at Bacha Khan Markaz – 2022-01-24 22:51:49”

  1. 'People hold strange views about non-violence. Lots of propaganda is voiced about it and misunderstanding is created in the minds of the people. Some say that if anyone slaps you on one cheek, turn the other cheek to him. Others would say that lie supine and allow your opponent to tread over you; they would say that you must lie down and allow yourself to be beaten, you will not move either hand or foot. Some would say that the Pukhtuns were a brave and a great nation and that Ghaffar Khan was making them weak and faint-hearted. In short, all sorts of things were said about it. In fact, non-violence is a power; it also has an army like that of violence. But the weapon of non-violence is preaching, and that of violence is the gun. Non-violence generates love amongst the people. It creates courage and determination. Violence generates hatred, fear and faint-heartedness. Some people are of the view that violence is necessary for defence. They give no thought to the fact that if you resort to violence, then you have abandoned the path of non-violence. The truth is that non-violence has its own defence. Non-violence does not have defeat, and in violence, defeat is involved. …. Violence is easy, and its path is also easy. Non-violence is difficult, and treading its path is also very difficult. To slap someone in response to being slapped is very easy; but to bear a slap patiently, is a difficult proposition'. Quote from English translation of Bacha Khan's autobiography, My Life and Struggle. By Imtiaz Ahmed Sahibzada.

  2. When, at the time of Partition, violence and riots broke out in Hindustan, the Khudai Khidmatgar, for the protection of the lives and properties of the Sikhs and Hindus, had to face a lot of troubles and difficulties. And wherever the Khudai Khidmatgar were, they had managed to save them from harm’s way, and had saved their lives and property.' (Quote)
    My Life and Struggle. Bacha Khan's complete autobiography in English.

  3. The maulanas would debate issues which neither benefitted Islam nor the country. …. some would pronounce an Arabic word appearing in the Quran in one way and others would do so totally differently. Some would say that repenting verbally was acceptable to God, while others disputed this…., some would consider raising the index finger during prayers as compulsory; others would consider it wrong. The maulanas would debate such matters and carry piles of books on donkeys and camels from place to place, discussing these issues extensively but not coming to any conclusions. Hence, they would divert the attention of the people from more important matters of immediate concern to them. I could detect the hand of the British in all this, because occasionally the issue would also be raised that if it came to a war between Russia and Britain, whom would it be better for us to extend our support to? In response to this question there would be no difference of opinion. Everyone would be of the view that the British were followers of the book and the Russians were stark atheists and that it was consequently incumbent on us to help the British.' Bacha Khan's autobiography in English. My Life and Struggle. By Imtiaz Ahmed Sahibzada.

  4. ‏اج کل کے چُنو مُنو صحافی بے شک حامد میر صاحب سے علمی اختلاف رکھیں. لیکن پہلے ان کی طرح ریسرچ اور تاریخ ضرور پڑھیں. پھر اختلاف کریں.

  5. پاکستان بنا غلط ، چلا غلط ، اور ختم بھی غلط طریقے سے ہوگا کیونکہ پاکستان یھودیوں نے بنایا تھا

  6. Dear Hamid Mir sb, very good speech truly. but I must say these former NAP leaders biggest enemy was not any dictator but Zulfikar Ali Bhutto (a democratic leader) which they hated to the death. after ZAB death, Wali khan, Ajmal Khattak etc and other exiled leaders in Afg, were pardoned by Zia and they came back started serving Zia's agenda. My point is it's not all black and white there are nuances that you have to appreciate while giving general amnesties to politicians

  7. App kisi ko khandani dhoti pehnade bagher panjab ke dunya ki kisi konee me koy peche namaz ada nahi karega aur kisi mulk kisi qaum ki app lider nahi bansakte panjabi bhai jan app yahan kuch hai tu alami kufri quwate chahti hai qarna shahid app kabhi pashtun afghan watan me nahi asakte na rehsakte

  8. Dear Hamid Mir.
    May Allah bless you with long &:healthy life and give you STRENGTH to highlight the history of PAKISTAN.
    We love Pakistan and can die for PAKISTAN.

  9. Pehlay tho may ya smajnay say qsir hon keh is waqth aisay logon ko bulanay ka maqsad kiya hay. Ye pehla swal hay.
    Dosra swal ye hay keh aj inko paths chala jab inko khud is qisam kay halath ka samna hay. Ab inhonay wo kithaban bhe parhee Jo ab thak parhna qawara nahi keya.
    Mujay tho in logon ki bathon say kaleesa ka wo kirdar yad atha hay jis man kaleesa na won sciencedano ko thakhtha e dar par zahar ka pyala pelaya keh thum apnay is mafkoray say dasthbardar ho Jao.

    Is banday ki tharah kaleesa na bhi ihthraf kiya keh ham won logon kay arwah say mafi mangthay han. Tho jab kisi ko ithnay arsay kay baad such ka patha chaltha hay wo bhi onki apni majbooree.

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